Singapore Local Courier (Formally Ah Chai Dispatch )

Established on 11 January 2008

Singapore Business Registration No. 53018722A

Singapore Central Business District Courier service or Singapore (CBD) Courier service !

Please note. We are not island-wide courier ! We do CBD only .

This is amazing -I can do my ebay business at home ! do the pick-up and delivery for me , I don't even have to leave home ! Thanks - Brenda.

Daily cheques deposit welcome. .

Daily contract Giro Submission & CPF Submission welcome.

Ad Hoc delivery welcome .



Welcome to Singapore Local Courier ( Formally Ah Chai Dispatch). is a local courier service based in Singapore only . We deliver documents , letters , gifts and parcels within Singapore city area on the same day ! Call us for free enquiry . Starting from only S$6.00 for single item delivery. Call before 12.00 for best value same day delivery service ! 

Singapore local courier and delivery service

5001 Beach Road #08-44 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588

CALL NOW Tel:94883875  

Close on Saturday , Sunday and Public Holidays .

Business hour 10 am to 5pm .

Last call 4.30pm , call after 4.30pm will be done tomorrow.

Overtime service starting from 5pm is $20.00per trip. 



Town to town courier service.

Singapore Central Business District (CBD) courier specialist ! We specialist in town to town courier or CBD courier for faster delivery . Rest assured your letters or documents do not go all over Singapore before it reach it's destination for faster service . Town to town means Central Business District (CBD) and nearby CBD area .



NORMAL 1-Day Local Courier Service .

Town to town (Singapore City area only ) normal 1 day courier service $6.00 per item .

EXPRESS 3-Hours local courier service (after 12pm.).

Town to town express courier service $8.00 per item.

URGENT 2 Hour courier Service (after 3pm).

Town to town urgent 2 hour courier service $12.00 per item.

2-WAY service $6+$6 per item .

1.5 hour Super urgent service $16.00 per item. 

1 hour Super super urgent service $20.00 per item.

Parcels starts from $16.00 per item .

Above 2 kilo surcharge of $3.00 per kilo.

Send Chop and Sign and return acknowledgement on request !

Call after 5pm is considered overtime .

Overtime rate is $20.00per trip.  

Fixed prices and cash in Singapore Dollars only  .

  • CALL NOW 94883875


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